Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Things I've Learned from Teaching...

Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade is hosting a linky party!  I thought I'd join in the fun :) 
I loved reading what everyone has learned from being a teacher.  Since this is my 10th year (yes - 10th!!) teaching first grade, I feel like I have learned a lot...

1. Organization is key.  I try to always know where everything is, and have a plan at all times.  You can never be too prepared!

2.  If you want your students to listen, speak quietly.  I VERY rarely raise my voice, and my students truly tend to be good listeners.

3.  You can never have too many books!  My library is giant and ever-growing.

4.  Diet Coke is a perfect pick-me-up treat for any time of day!

5.  A teacher's work will never be done - you will always have another unit to plan, papers to grade, cupboards to straighten, etc.  Don't let it overwhelm you, and don't take work home every night.

6.  You can't please every parent, no matter how hard you try.  Appreciate and treasure the parents who value your hard work, and try to let the negative parents' comments go (harder than it sounds!).

7.  Teaching lower elementary students is the best - you get to enjoy snack time, story time, and make fun projects!

8.  Any worksheet, paper, or assignment can become "big fun" if you let the students use markers.

9.  It is always on the day that I wake up late and come in with a wet pony tail that one of my students tells me I look beautiful (never mind all of the other days when I put effort into my appearance!).

10.  Although I will never make tons of money, there is no more rewarding job than being a teacher!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long time, no see!

Holy moly, I can't believe I haven't blogged since February 28th!  And today is March 15th...that is a LONG time!  I promise though, I have plenty of good excuses...
I exhibited in my first craft show with a good friend.  It was a Plumdoodles crayon debut!  I had a great time, made a little cash, and learned a lot about selling at a craft show!  Here is a pic of my half of the booth:
I can't wait to try it again, and apply what I've learned to see if I can increase my sales.  I took the profits of my show, and made two exciting purchases...

Dragon Crocs with glow in the dark eyes and teeth, and...
Ridiculously expensive, extra wide tennis shoes for this little cutie-
Because after all, how can you say no to that face?  Especially when it is for something he needs.  After buying both pairs of his shoes, I had exactly 15 cents left of my craft show earnings.  I think I even put that in his piggy bank (along with all of my other change).  I guess he's worth it :)
We've also been busy just "hanging out"
Playing in the snow
Eating ice cream
And spending time with friends
I promise to post more regularly now that my craft show debut has come and gone, and my busy schedule has slowed down somewhat.  BTW...shameless crayon plug here - check out my website at http://www.plumdoodles.weebly.com/, or my FB page, and pick up some Easter crayons.  They're the perfect, non-sugary treat for your favorite little artist's basket!  Until next time...


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