Friday, October 26, 2012

Thankful Turkeys

Hi friends!  I am SO excited to post my Thankful Turkeys Thanksgiving unit!  It has four language arts activities (a retelling map, long and short vowel sort, complete and incomplete sentence sort, and an opinion writing activity), and four math activities (addition and subtraction word problems, a correct and incorrect addition and subtraction equation sort, a graphing and tally activity, and missing number sequences).  They would be perfect for centers, workstations, or tubs, or to use on their own.  This is my first *big* unit and I'm very proud of it!
Click here to go to my TPT store!
It is priced very reasonably at $4.00 (only 50 cents per activity!), but I will give it away to the first person to leave me a comment with their email address!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Name??

Hi Readers!  Just a quick post today to share a freebie.  
Do you have the same problem we do in our classroom?  

We get stacks and stacks of papers turned in with NO NAME.  It's so discouraging - students spend time completing their work, and I spend time trying to track down who did the work.  On both ends, it is a total waste of time.
Pinterest to the rescue!
This is the pin from Pinterest; however, the link doesn't work!  If this is yours, let me know so I can give you credit!

While my student teacher was leading lessons, I quickly whipped this up to add to an empty frosting container using clear contact paper.  It's nothing fancy, but it works!  I'm hoping to see the amount of nameless papers dwindle down to one or two!

If you would like your own FREE copy of this printable in several different fonts (all by Kevin & Amanda), please click HERE.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Super Duper Adjectives

Hi!  I am SO excited to post my first mini-unit to TPT!  I have put a lot of time and work into it, and I hope you'll check it out.
Click the picture to go to my TPT store!
My students will be working on this unit in the upcoming weeks.  I will post pictures of the activities in action!  It contains several fun word work and writing activities, along with suggested read-alouds to make learning about adjectives fun.
The first three people to comment on this post with their email address will receive this unit for free!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Plumdoodles is Back!

After a LONG hiatus, and lots of thinking, I have decided to start blogging again.  I stopped last year because I was feeling overwhelmed and a little discouraged with it.  This year I have a fabulous student teacher, a little more time on my hands, and a lot of inspiration to create!
I have completely changed up my blog design, removed some old posts that didn't really apply to teaching, and I have even opened a TPT store!  I plan to share lots of freebies - like the awesome ABC activity that goes with this book:
Click the picture to go to my TPT store and download for free!

I am also working on an awesome adjective unit (Common Core aligned, of course), and some book-based substitute plans for those days when you just don't feel well enough to write out detailed plans for a sub.  Please check back often for updates, new products, freebies and more!  Thank you so much for reading!


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