Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Try Something Tuesday!

The snow is falling and my wifi service is being difficult, SO...I was inspired to create "Try Something Tuesday!". I'm blogging from my trusty iPhone for the first time (new thing #1). Owen and I are very jazzed to be trying a new (although not super healthy) dinner. He saw this tasty little treat while we were grocery shopping Sunday and was so thrilled that I couldn't resist buying it for him. After all, doesn't this look scrumptious??

Perfect comfort food for a blizzard - and something new #2!
I am also super excited to share a fabulous fellow first grade teacher's blog - Kristen Walsky at First Grade Teaching! She is featuring a giveaway of some of my Valentine heart crayons from my website, www.plumdoodles.weebly.com.
Make sure to check out her blog, the giveaway, and her awesome downloads! Being featured on a blog I adore is new thing #3!
This post has taken me about 3 times as long as a post normally would, but hey - what else am I doing? After all, it is in the middle of a blizzard, and I just got the call that tomorrow is a snow day! All of you who are in the snow belt - stay safe, stay warm, and try something new! Leave a comment if you want to share something new you were inspired to try...(btw, the pizza & cookies were totally delish!!).

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  1. I post from my iPhone sometimes too. As you mentioned it takes longer but it's nice when I don't want to fire up my Mac Book.

    Ms. M



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