Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi friends!  We have been very busy in first grade through the Thanksgiving holiday, moving into Christmas!  Looking back a bit, the students did the famous "disguise a turkey" activity.  I have to say, this was the most creative year of projects I have ever had!  Some of my favorites were...
Darth Turkey

Roy Roundturkey - inspired by U of M football player Roy Roundtree

Dr. Gobble
Triple Crown Winner & MVP Miguel Cabrera

And the HILARIOUS Barack OTurkey
 Now that December has arrived, we are moving into one of my favorite units - gingerbread!  So far we have read the traditional story "The Gingerbread Man."  Throughout the month we'll read MANY versions of this story.  We also do an extremely unique and fun gingerbread man postcard project.  Early in November, I send a note home asking families to contact their relatives and friends who live out of state.  I put the same request on Facebook as well.  They send postcards from near where they live saying where they spotted the gingerbread man - for example "We saw the gingerbread man running across the Mackinac Bridge!"  So far we have received cards from across the country, Honduras, and even North Pole, Alaska!  I save the cards in a mailbox and each day we read one or two, and plot where they can be found on a world map.  The students love getting mail, and I can sneak a little geography in at the same time!  Here is a picture of our map - so far, we have only put one postcard up (from Wyoming!)
If any of you would like to send a postcard our way, we'd love to hear from you!  Postcards can be sent to:
Mrs. Plum's Class
Madison Elementary School
3498 Treat Hwy.
Adrian, MI 49221
I am going to check with my team members and see if they are ok with me sharing our note.  Since we created it together, I don't want to upset anyone :)  Check back soon for more gingerbread updates!
Happy Monday!

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