Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Hair!

There's nothing like going to the salon - relaxing, sitting under the warm dryer, leaving with shiny, yummy smelling hair.  I got a chance to go tonight and have the fabulous Ashley work on my new color & a snazzy trim.  I tried taking a self-pic, but someone snuck in the photo...

Love that little guy!!
On a more school related note, we had a great day again.  The students love their new seats, and we changed classroom jobs as well.  It's always fun to start the New Year fresh!
Today we began our social studies unit on families.  We read "Me On the Map" by Joan Sweeney, then students recorded our country, state, and city on a map. 
I also took a picture of our New Year's Eve bedtime graph from yesterday - it turned out wonderfully!  Thank you Mrs. Perry for the great idea.  We discovered that our class is full of night owls :)  Most of the students stayed up later than I did!!

Stay tuned for pictures of our game day - our class bucket is full, and we are ready to celebrate!

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