Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Short Long Weekend

I can't believe it is already Sunday night!  This "long" weekend is just a regular weekend for me - all teachers in the county have professional development tomorrow. 
As usual, we packed the weekend full of fun & activities.  On Saturday we went to the mall in Toledo.  After enjoying some delicious Olga's snackers,

I spent my coupon at New York & Company (love that store!).  I got some awesome deals on the clearance racks...8 items for only $50!  Here's a little peek into my bag...

And a picture of some amazing earrings I picked up for only $1.99 each!

I don't want to reveal too much, or it will spoil the next "What I Wore Wednesday!"
Then Owen spent his Barnes and Noble gift card.  Sticking with his current (annoying) obsession, he picked out several Max & Ruby books, along with some Curious George and Walter the Farting Dog to round out the choices.  I'm just glad he loves reading so much!
Sunday we re-celebrated Jason's birthday with a trip to Chuck E Cheese's at Owen's request.  Of course, that's where all Daddies like to celebrate their birthdays, right? ;)  We also made a stop at Target (at Owen's request - do we see a pattern here??), and picked up some Valentine supplies, along with a birthday present for an upcoming party, and several things from the Dollar Spot.  We love the Dollar Spot!  I could spend days in Target...
And last but not least, we did our annual pop can & bottle return (and I am not kidding - we only do it once a year!).  $39 richer, we finished out the weekend with some quick grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  Now that is a full weekend!
I'll be back soon - hopefully with some photos of my latest Plumdoodles creations :)  Here's a hint...they would make perfect gifts for the little Valentine's on your list!

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