Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Engineering is Elementary

Wow!  I just spent the last two days training teachers from across the county where I teach in the program "Engineering is Elementary."  What an amazing opportunity!  If you haven't heard of this program, also known as EiE, check it out here.
I was offered the opportunity to attend a training for trainers late this past school year, and I have to confess that before attending the training I didn't know much about engineering, and I certainly had not thought of teaching it to my first graders!  After spending two days learning about the process and experiencing two units, I was hooked!
EiE is a great extension to the math, science and literature curriculum that you currently teach.  It integrates multi-cultural literature, problem solving, science, and hands-on experiments in a fun way for students (and no, I don't get paid to sell the program!).  It takes students through the engineering design process in a simplified form.  The Museum of Science in Boston has worked to develop the many units for K-6 (in our county).  If you get a moment, this program is definitely worth checking out!  For those of you who are local to Lenawee County, I will post when the next training is available.  I know you will love it (and not just because I teach it!) :)

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