Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Favorite Picture Book Linky

I'm linking up with Clutter Free Classroom for a series of Linky parties!

Clutter-Free Classroom
Today's writing assignment is: Personal Narrative
Complete this sentence, “Based on the illustrations alone, my favorite picture book is _________.” Use photos or additional sentences to support your choice.

I love that she's giving us summer writing prompts!  It definitely helps when my brain is too hot to think of anything on my own :)
Although, this prompt is pretty tricky.  As a first grade teacher I LOVE picture books, and I am a fan of many illustrators as well.  I am going to be a cheater and share my two favorite books!
The first one is Owl Babies:
The illustrations in this book are adorable, and different from many other books because it is set at night - the background of all of the pages is black.  I remember my Mom reading this book to my younger siblings, and I just had to have it for my classroom.  It helps that the story is just precious too.  Here's another example of the beautiful illustrations inside the book:
Since I am being a cheater, here is my other favorite author/illustrator...those of you who know me at all will immediately know why I chose this book!

My own little sweet pea is named after this book!  And the funniest thing is, he has a blanket just like the Owen in the story.
How could you not love that face?  I love all of the Kevin Henkes books, but obviously "Owen" holds a special place in my heart.  The story is amazing, and I love how he includes speech comments from the characters.  Here's one of my favorite illustrations of the other Owen:
Just precious.  The students in my class always love hearing this story after they learn that my Owen's name was inspired by this book!  And of course, I read it often to my own Owen.
I am excited to read all of the posts on this Linky and hopefully add some great picture books to my classroom library!  Head on over to Clutter Free Classroom and join the fun!

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