Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Year Resolution Linky Party

I'm linking up with Clutter Free Classroom once again for another linky party!

Clutter-Free Classroom
This Linky is all about New Year resolutions.  But, it's not January!  Well, like all teachers, the "New Year" for me begins in September!  I can SO relate to making a list of resolutions as long as my arm to begin the new year with!  I won't bore you with the long version - instead, I'll choose my top 5!
1.  Use my *new* SMART board to its fullest potential!  

This is a fun resolution :)  I have been begging for a SMART board for years, and my dream is finally coming true!  I have already been hard at work on creating presentations for our Everyday Math curriculum, as well as our Houghton Mifflin reading, and calendar.  I want to maximize its use for sure!
2.  Give Debbie Diller's Math Workstations a try.  

I ordered her book and have started reading it.  I also followed the book club postings on several blogs throughout the summer.  Here's a little confession...I hate teaching math.  I'm almost embarrassed to say it (hence the smaller type), but I could teach reading and writing ALL DAY and never touch math.  I'm hoping this will help!
3.  Be consistent with conferencing - this includes reading, writing, and math!  

I have a snazzy notebook all set up, and I am usually very good about meeting with students regularly at the beginning of the year.  Then, things get crazy and it becomes more sporadic - I want to make sure to meet with every student regularly!
4.  Maximize my time at school.  This year, my own little sweet pea will be joining me at my school in our Young 5's program!  That means no more private preschool tuition & after school care bills (YAY!!!), but also less quiet work time after school.  So...I am going to need to be very efficient and organized with my time during specials and breaks.  Otherwise, this little tornado will be ripping my room to shreds after school every day (all in the name of "help").
5.  Find balance.  That sounds a little Zen, but it is a goal of mine. 

Balance between home and school, between working and playing, between having fun and learning, between Starbucks & coffee from home...balance is good.  Let's hope I can achieve it.

So there they are - my resolutions for the 2011-2012 school year!  Head on over to Clutter Free Classroom to read more resolutions and share your own!


  1. Love your resolutions! My youngest will be in K this year so no more preschool/daycare spending. You will love your SMARTBoard. I have had mine for a few years and it is amazing and the kids love it.

  2. I agree, teaching won't be the same after the SMARTboard. I love mine, too. SMART exchange is a wonderful website that offers thousands of downloadable lessons for the SMARTboard...Beth Newingham even has some lessons on it!

  3. I found your blog through the linky party. I'm now a follower!



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