Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting Creative With My Cricut!

I was super inspired by the cute things made by Ashley of The Polka Dot Patch!  I am entered in the giveaway to win some vinyl lettering - but I know my usual luck (not good!) so I decided to try making some lettering of my own.  I bought some vinyl at Hobby Lobby (love that store!) and dug out my trusty Cricut.  The process could not have been easier or more fun!  My 4 year old even helped me :).  Here are the finished products:
My very own clipboard tub!
Finally!  No more ugly frosting containers :)
I bought the containers for super cheap at Big Lots, and all total it took me less than an hour to create and stick the letters and dots.  Honestly, the hardest part was trying to scatter the polka dots randomly - those who know me know that I am more of a pattern kind of girl!  Thank you so much for the inspiration, Ashley!  Now look at everything a little differently - and think "hmm...can I put vinyl on that?" :)
All of that blue will look great in my classroom, and reminded me of some little blue creatures that Owen and I went to see on Friday...
The movie was very cute, and definitely brought back some childhood memories.  Although, there were many Smurfs that I don't remember from the cartoon back in the day, like Panicky, Gutsy, and Narrator Smurf.  Maybe they are new to the Smurf Village?
And to add to the randomness of this post (first vinyl, then Smurfs), I wanted to let you in on what I am currently working on.  I have seen several posts about "Sub Binders" and "Sub Tubs" and I am a BIG fan of those.  I have definitely experienced days when I have been too sick to drag myself into school to prep for a sub, or Owen has thrown up on me as we were walking out the door.  In addition to information for the sub (schedule, procedures, etc) I like to have several book-based lesson plans on hand.  I base all of the lessons for the day on the book.  I then place the book and all of the copies and activities ready to go inside a large ziploc baggie.  My colleagues know where these are located and can just put one out in a pinch (and they have also borrowed one in a pinch!).  The thematic worksheets from "The Mailbox" magazine are great for these baggies, but I am working on creating some of my own as well!  Look for those soon - just in time for back to school (and back to germs) season :)
Finally, a HUGE thank you to Kathy of First Grade a la Carte.  I actually won a giveaway and received her fabulous addition games to use in my math workstations this fall!  I am so excited!  


  1. question. We have a Cricut at school...but no one has mastered it, and I have just not really ventured to mess with it. But using it with vinyl looks promising. My question is, what cartridge did you use to make the dots and letters? My understanding is that I can't just use it with regular computer tff type fonts without additional software... Yours looks exactly like what I want to do. LMK if you don't mind sharing. =) Thanks!! Jennifer
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. It is super easy! I used the "Cuttin Up" font cartridge, but any font cartridge would work (Walmart usually has them for about $30). Just make sure you cut the vinyl slowly (set the speed on the dial) and using higher pressure (another dial). The letters on the clipboard tub are 2" and the ones on the cup are 1". I used the cartridge that came with the machine to cut the polka dots (again, 1" and 2"). If you are worried about ruining your vinyl because it is expensive, just practice on some paper first. It really is easy and the directions that come with the machine are super simple to follow. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions! Once you get the hang of it you will be hooked :)

  3. Thank you!! That really helps...guess I need to get some vinyl! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies



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