Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Classroom Progress & a Giveaway!

So...Owen and I went into my classroom today to start setting the room up.  I have not been in all summer (which is pretty unusual for me) and my room is a hot mess.  But, with the SMART board installed, I was inspired to go start on my new layout.  The problem?  I was NOT inspired.  I moved a few things.  Then I moved them back.  Then I moved the same few things again.  I think I made it worse.  Finally, Owen and I went to a few stores for some retail therapy.  Here are some pictures I snapped with my phone before we left to document the chaos...
Looking in from the door - new SMART board on the left, former gathering area/library in the back corner.
Looking in from the door again - this time a view of the right side of the room.
Another looking in view - do I want my teacher table there?  I'm not sure...
Not pretty.  I am dragging my poor husband in later this week to help me think of ideas and move things around.  He complains a lot, but the labor is free :)  In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas to inspire me, suggestions, etc. please leave me a comment!  I am really struggling with the gathering area/library.
Now, onto the giveaway!  Jodi from Clutter Free Classroom is having a giveaway!
Her blog was the first educational blog I started following, and is still one of my favorites!  She is giving away a set of back to school books, a pocket chart, dry erase schedule and her Ultimate Teacher Organizer Tool.  Just the name of that makes me want it!  Check out her blog for a chance to win.
I haven't forgotten that I promised pictures of the projects Owen and I are working on.  They are on their way - hopefully in the next post!  I just had to go get some more supplies to complete them :)

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  1. I am a Head Start teacher for Adrian. Some of my students may have been sent your way. I know how you feel when you walk in to your classroom after summer break. It is always so overwhelming. I love the craft ideas that you have. I will have to check out the pinterest site. How awesome that you have smart board. Are all the classrooms getting one? Maybe eventually Head Start will get one in their classrooms. I would love to see pictures of your classroom after you transform it.



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