Monday, August 22, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Linky Party

I'm linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Clutter Free Classroom, for a back to school linky party!
Clutter-Free Classroom
As teachers, we all LOVE back to school time - the start of a new year.  So what makes this one of my favorite times of the year?

  1. Setting up my classroom!  I love tweaking the room set-up, trying new arrangements, putting up new decorations, and almost every year thinking of (and implementing) a new theme!  This year my theme is pirates and I am excited to add some creative touches to my classroom.
  2. Trying new things.  Every year, I change things up in big and small ways.  This year I will be rocking a SMART board (big change!) and adding a clip chart to my classroom behavior plan (smaller change).  
  3. Decorating!  I guess this kind of goes along with setting up the classroom, but I love adding special touches around the room - like this Wordle sign with my kiddos' names on it for outside the door...

Wordle: Mrs. Plum's Class
and my converted spice rack/office supply holder...
     4.  New things!  New supplies (for the students and for myself), new clothes, new containers, new get the picture :)  I treated myself to some new markers this year - my favorite kind!
I also plan on treating myself to a little shopping spree with the profits from my upcoming yard sale.  Why should my son get all of the fun new things??
     5.  A fresh start.  I love meeting new students and their families.  This year I have several siblings of past students, which I just love.  It's so nice to have an established connection with the families.  This year will also be a fresh start for my own little sweet pea!  After 3 years of Montessori, he will be starting Young 5's at the school where I teach!  We are both excited :)
   Here he is rocking one of his new pairs of shoes!

So what makes you giddy and excited about a new school year?  Link up with Clutter Free Classroom and share!

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